Clinical Adjudication
Clinical Adjudication (SOAR)



Clinical Adjudication - Safety Oversight, Adjudication and Reporting (SOAR)   

Watermark is your solution to ongoing electronic adjudication of safety cases. Clinical trials rely upon clinical adjudication to assess patient events or outcomes.  Clinical adjudication panels are formed to review all related events and to provide an independent opinion.  With the escalating regulatory pressure for independent adjudication, Watermark can ensure that those involved in pharmaceutical, biomedical, and medical device development are successful in their adjudication process.  We support both classic paper based adjudication and ongoing electronic adjudication using SOAR.

Watermark SOAR (Safety Oversight, Adjudication and Reporting) is our proprietary platform for electronic ongoing adjudication of cases.  Within the SOAR platform, data is provided as events occur to members in a secure setting, medical assessments are completed online by physicians, and reports are generated; all in one secure location.  As an added feature, we also have a DICOM server which allows the review of x-ray, CT, MRI, or other images for safety consideration.


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