Life Cycle Assurance
LifeCycle Assurance

Lifecycle Assurance

LifeCycle Assurance

Watermark is your solution to support your ongoing endeavor to retain your customers through confidence building efforts.  Watermark understands the importance of extending and supporting the life cycle of your product through properly serviced equipment on a consistent basis.  Our LifeCycle Assurance program works as an extension of your service department by helping to create and sell extended warranties and cost effective maintenance programs. 

Once a product has been installed or serviced, it is the Sponsor Companies responsibility to follow up and ensure the work was completed correctly.  Watermark provides service support follow up calls to customers.  We contact each customer and record all responses into a database for later analysis and reporting to FDA.

Providing optimal service through the life of the product ensures the quality your customer expects.  Extending the product life also reinforces that you are the supplier of preference when another opportunity arises.


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