Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)
Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Speakers Bureau

KOL Speaker Bureau

KOL- Speakers Bureau 

Watermark is your solution for use of Medical Expert Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to deliver product information and advantages to their peers.  Speaker Bureaus and the use of KOLs to support your products have fallen under scrutiny by the Office of Inspector General.  Independent administration of your speaker bureau ensures there is appropriate use of KOL and activities are documented.

Watermark serves as the point of contact with the KOL, the requesting Rep, the venue and the attendees.  We make the use of KOL simple through the use of our web-based platform for Field Based personnel to request meetings electronically.  Watermark will plan the meetings, secure the speaker, contract the venue and ensure all aspects of the event are coordinated. 

As Independent Administrators, we ensure all your guidelines are followed and all interactions are documented to support your company with Federal and State reporting requirements. 

Speaker Bureau

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