Outcome Registries
Outcome Registries

Outcome Registries

Watermark is your solution to conducting an Outcome Registry.  Outcome registries are becoming vital sources of data and, in this rapidly changing environment, an experienced partner is top priority. Watermark will help guide the creation and implementation of a high quality outcome registry.  At Watermark, we specialize in administrating registries and in creating and utilizing programs that address the ongoing demand for real time data.  Physicians and patients all want evidence of the efficacy and safety of medical products, therapies, and services.  Watermark is unique in that we focus our services and technologies on real time results and data.

Using our proprietary platform Watermark EDGE, we are able to support the electronic data capture for any product.  Through our administrative experience, we ensure your registry complies with all the rigorous post-market surveillance, legislation, and data collection requirements. 

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