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SHADE - Sunshine Healthcare Accountability Database

Watermark's solution to the Sunshine Act = SHADE (Sunshine Healthcare Accountability Database). SHADE is web based and offered as a cloud hosted service within our secure servers. This means that Watermark maintains all the security certificates as is needed for a database that contains PHI, hosts the platform on our secure servers, and performs updates and product enhancements as part of our service.

An additional added benefit to SHADE is the vendor portal.  Considering Sponsors should not give access into their internal system to any outside company,  SHADE provides a way for vendors to register all transactions on your behalf.  You can, on-demand, export reports on all payments into a spreadsheet allowing you to sort or upload the data into internal systems.

The goal of SHADE is to provide a robust system that is powered by a backend database, yet has the essential fields of data for export, sorting, and reports.  Some of the basic data which is tracked includes:

• Physician Information

• Institution Information

• Rep Information

• Company specific value Items

• Vendor Reporting


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